Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Real Mad Max heir

Lots of people are getting very excited about Mad Max: Fury Road, opening all over the world this week. I'm not, read why here. I'll still go and see it though.

If you share my skepticism then track down this minimal, dystopian, lone 'hero', Australia-after-a-global-meltdown, kind of road movie, The Rover. It's now out on DVD.

It stars him from Neighbours (sorry Mr Pearce, but I'm of a generation that means for whom you will always be that. Still a fine a actor, though) and him from Twilight (sorry Mr Pattinson, I've never seen any of them) and has lots in common with the original Mad Max.

And if you're a fan of the early Mad Max films you really need to read our two-part celebration of the original film in Sideburn 17. Our very own Mick Phillips interviewed many of the main players, including the Toecutter and the director, George Miller. And cult director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy) wrote an essay on the movie that was illustrated by Raid71.

And you can get all that for £5 plus post? We must be as crazy as the Nightrider! G


Oldtimerworkshop said...

The Rover is a great film, a little unnerving when you live here.

Thanks for the article in No.17.

What I'd give for a La Parisienne fairing.

Adriaan said...

Missed your post in December. Fair point, I still appreciate the references to the originals though. Including skipping part III in the legacy trailer..