Tuesday, 22 December 2015

40X Scottie Parker

Look at Scottie Parker, 40X, in - I'm pretty sure - his first year as an expert, 1979 .

How much does he want that holeshot?

His body language is the same as a football hooligan slamming through the front doors of a rival firm's pub, at 2.15 on a match day afternoon and shouting, 'Come on then! Who wants some?' G


747 said...

Mighty fine description.

martin.huening said...

65d Billy Labrie (1979 Rookie expert), 40x Scott Parker (1979 Rookie expert),91 Scott Drake,62 Corky Keener,96 Billy Scheffer,8e Wayne Rainey (1979 Rookie expert),5 Gary Scott,42 Steve Moorehead,14 Hank Scott,98g Ronnie Jones (1979 Rookie expert)

Unknown said...