Saturday, 12 December 2015


Mablethorpe sand racing season continues tomorrow. Racing from around 11am. Free to spectate, cheap to race.
They'll let you race just about anything. You just need to fit a lanyard cut-out wired into the loom. This Kawasaki GT550 is a regular in the unlimited road bike class (for anything over 250cc).
 There's also a class for grasstrackers.
The previous race was my first of the season. My dirt cheap Honda SLR650 (also unlimited road bike) had been neglected all summer, but was treated to a new Renthal chain, oil and filter and a once over at CFM of Sleaford, plus a seat unit from Survivor Customs. Much appreciated support from son/mechanic Max and Dave Taylor.
Got a second (I think) in my final heat of five after having terrible starts. I also had the narrowest escape from a crash that I've ever had. I was so sure I was down and out that I was already looking behind to see if anyone was going to hit me, when the bike came back in line and I didn't even lose a place.
Glyn is in the under 250 road bike class on his modified Suzuki X7.
Andy's started racing a Honda  XL250 in a KLX frame.
Ross (Rootbeer Bobber) has built a DT400 (above and below) to race in Vintage DTRA next year, but has bought some tyres for a run out on the beach. He debuts tomorrow.
It would be great if some of the sandpeople would cross over to the DTRA, though a few sand bikes (like my Honda have no brakes, and they need a rear brake for UK dirt track). And they'd need 18 or 19in wheels for DT tyres. G


Unknown said...

A load of the unlimited road bike class turned up to a practice day at Scunny a while back. They were all wall riding to find grip for their knobblies, so I lent them my honda. Man, did they push it hard! It would be good to see them during the summer.

Unknown said...

You got a third overall, Gary. There's a trophy waiting for you.

With a brake and the right wheels, could an XL 250 run in DTRA events? What about Dirtquake?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Tom
Rear brake and 18s/19s with dirt track tyres and yes, you can, in the ever expanding DTRA Rookie class.
You can enter on a £10 day licence to see if you like it too.

Dirt Quake, possibly too, but the bike has to look MoT-able.

If you ever want to visit for a cuppa and talk Land Rovers and race bikes, just get in touch - dirt @
I'm in Spalding.