Friday, 4 December 2015


Still hobbling, but still buzzing with contentment.
LA (actually Palmdale) > Barstow > Las Vegas 32nd annual dual sport enduro was fantastic. Until doing the Sideburn Morocco tour in April, I only had limited green laning experience in Wiltshire and Wales. I figured if I could conquer the cathedral dunes of the Sahara, the Mojave would be a piece of piss. Too cocky too soon. It's 'only' two days as opposed to five on the trot, but up at 5am only to come to a crumbling halt at 5:30pm the days are much longer. The dust is a demon in its own right.
I'll write a longer piece in the next issue of the magazine, but this is primarily to say I survived, and a big Thank You to Julian of Deus Emporium LA for all he did to facilitate my ride.
Thank you Jaime Dempsey and the rest of the Deus road crew who kept us topped up. The brand new Husqvarna FE350 was amazeballs. (I thought I'd miss the extra 100cc I had with the the 450 KTM EXC in Morocco but I didn't).
Gary Pasquale, not your average ADV rider, home baked Yamaha XS650 crosser, Biltwell metal flake lid, army surplus kit, rode like a scalded wolverine.
decision time on the afternoon of the final day. Take the 'hard route' up Red Rock Canyon or not? (the road book lists alternative 'bale out' and 'easy route' short cut options for the flagging hearted). I'm knackered, my right foot is f*€kd, I'm under-dressed for the chillier mountain temperatures, and there is talk of Youtube featured perilous danger. I can't resist. BP

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