Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dirt Quake IV Police Car: Going Cheap!

Open to offers. 
Nissan Almera, 2001 with log book, no MOT.
In current ‘Police’ livery…OFF ROAD USE ONLY!
No rust.
Working blue flashing light (and classic ‘Ner-Ner’ siren that needs replacement switches)
Wacky Races- style, kitchen door port-hole in roof.
Broken headlight.

It truly is the perfect gift for:
The Poll Tax riot re-enactor in your life.
A 17-year-old too young to join the force, but desperate for some pre-Constabulary role play training.
A cash-strapped rural community on the brink of social meltdown.
A would-be drug mule.
A leftfield motorcycle race organiser looking for props on the cheap.
Cop drama set designer with a tight budget.
A banger racer.

New owner must collect. Located in Wigan.

Email us at dirt @ with offers/details. No ridiculous offer turned down.

1 comment:

Kirk said...

Is that parked up in Dave's driveway? I imagine the neighbours are used to him by now but still, the responses of the first day or two must have been fun....