Saturday, 5 December 2015

Tico & the Triumphs

I'm right back into listening to WFMU Ichiban Rock and Soul internet radio station and there are so many great songs on it.
This caught my attention. When I looked into it more, Tico and Triumphs turns out to be one of Paul Simon's (of & Garfunkel) early bands.
I went straight on eBay, bought the original 7in and had it sent to Newbold's Bike Shop, knowing I'd see him in a few weeks. He remembered to bring it out to the Superhooligan (along with Tommy James and the Shondells 'I think we're alone now' - yes, as covered by Tiffany in 1987).
Expect to hear both played at January's  Motor Bike Expo in Verona if you come by our stand. G


tin-tinovici said...

Will you be there, guys??...great!...(Verona, I mean)...we just booked flights recently...

747 said...

Mighty good stuff G! thanks for letting me have a listen pre delivery. Rock on!