Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Shobba - updated

I've spent too long over Christmas trying (and failing) to find some Christmas cards based on cartoons by the superb Shobba, that were a subscribers' gift when I worked on Bike magazine in the 1990s. Shobba cartooned for the mag for ten years or more, starting in the '80s, and he rarely, if ever, missed the mark. I love his stuff, but they're hard to find. Here's one of a few that are floating around the web. He really should publish a collection. MP

UPDATE: Grant, I think you mean a big cock... (and apologies for the poor quality image, it's the best I could find).
We won't upload any more as it's not our intent to rip off Shobba. If he had his own website we'd link to it, but I can't find one. Shobba, get in touch if you see this.


grant said...

the one i cannot find is where the young biker is looking at a genie coming out of a lamp
he's sat on a hairy chest next to a triumph herald and an ostrich

grant said...


grant said...

and i was wrong it was a big cock =)

Kirk said...

Guy walks into a bar with a miniature little man sitting on his shoulder and orders. As soon as his drink arrives the little man jumps down, drains half the glass, tips out the rest, stomps the guys crisps and laughs his head off, walking up and down the bar blasting Springsteen on a tiny little boom box. Guy sighs, and orders again. Barman says 'What IS that and why do you put up with it?' Guy says 'Well, I found an old dirty lamp, decided to clean it and you know the story- out pops a bloke in a turban, wish granted and so on- I asked for a 12 inch dick....'