Sunday, 6 December 2015

Block Villa Wars

From former UK dirt track racer, Wayne Drake, who emigrated to New Zealand a few years ago...

Was watching an NZ TV programme, The Block Villa Wars (not my choice!). It's a home makeover show. Four couples get a house to do up and they auction them all at the end. They are judged weekly on each room makeover/challenge etc. The screengrab is of the host awarding points in studio. I spotted a poster I thought I recognized from a few years back and an awesome evening at Oxford.

Keep up the good work. Trying to get New Zealand flat track racing but no success yet. 
Cheers Drakey

Ha! The poster is from our David Aldana Night and Short Track UK Oxford race back in 2011, designed by Adi Gilbert (before he became the artist du jour for So Cal flat track promoters).

But who put it on the set of a Kiwi primetime TV show?

And if you want to try get flat track racing started in NZ, we'll put you in touch with Drakey. G


Adi said...

Haha, that poster gets around. Aldana Mania. I wonder how it ended up there, sponsor logos an all?

Unknown said...

Drakey I always had my suspicions you were a closet trash TV consumer. I bet you were just waiting for the NZ version of Jeremy Kyle to start!!. Hope things are going well out there.
Hopefully you can afford a shrink for your TV issues!!!...