Thursday, 4 February 2016

In Bruges: Hermanus

I'd like to welcome Hermanus as our latest Sideburn stockist. A new shop in Bruges, Belgium, it opens this weekend. I interviewed one of the owners about living the dream and opening his own shop. GI

Who is behind Hermanus?
I'm Andy Geeroms, 34, born and raised in a little town called Meerbeke, 30km from Brussels. Two years ago I met Evy, also a petrolhead and I fell instantly in love. You only live once, so I decided to leave it all behind, followed my heart and moved to Bruges, where she lived. We both have the same to dream to do 'something' with bikes, especially cafe racers, so after 16 years working as a truck driver I decided to take the shot and just follow my dream. I'm also organizing 'Fly Low', a yearly cafe racer event in Bruges.

Why did you choose the name Hermanus? 
Some years ago, Chris Hunter from Bike Exif asked if I was interested to be in 'The Ride' with my bike. Off course I was! The guys from Gestalten asked what the name of the bike was. We weren't used to do that here in Belgium, it was rather new to name a bike, so I didn't have a clue. Five years ago I was co-founder of a cafe racer club in Ninove, where I used to live before moving to Bruges, called 'the Flying Hermans', so we thought it was cool to name the bike 'Hermanus'. From that moment, people related me with that bike and it became kind of my nickname. Three years later, a lot of people think that my name is Herman or Manus, or sometimes they just say Her.. I don't care, it's funny.. So we decided to name the shop 'Hermanus'
Why go to all the hard work of opening a brick and mortar shop? 
Like I said above, I was fed up with my day job, I worked many years and many hours as a truck driver. My father died 17 years ago, on the age of 48. He worked 30 years day and night for his boss, and when he died, I said to myself: 'Not me'. I've also said, when it's possible and realistic, I will follow my dream. I don't want to die one day saying '..If I..' or 'What if I should...' I don't mind the hard work or financial risk, as long as I can do what interests me. And that are bikes and everything around it.
What at the main brands you will stock? 
Riding gear: Bell, Biltwell, DMD, RSD, Icon1000, Segura, Rev'It, Sunday Speedshop, Holy Freedom
Casual: Iron and Resin, Vans, Dickies, RSD, Bell
Magazines: Sideburn, Motorcycle Cities, Caferacer Cult 6.
What will be your opening times? 
We are opening in the weekend of 6 and 7 February, both days from 10am 'till 6pm. After that, we are open Wednesday and Thursday from 10-13 and 14-18.30; Friday from 10-13 and 14-20; Saturday from 10-18, Sunday from 14-18.

Thanks for the support!
Andy and Evy
Hermanus, Langestraat 53 8000 Brugge +32(0)50 73.83.73
Photos courtesy of Monkeefist Photography

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