Friday, 19 February 2016

The Sherp

The Sherp ATV is made in St Petersburg, Russia and runs on its own design of patented tyres.

The $65,000 entry level model comes with...

Tent (soft top)
Automatic interior heating system
Analog dashboard devices and indicators
Halogen headlights
Hubcaps on wheels
Special exterior paint with durable polymeric coverage
58 liter fuel tank
Motor heat and noise reduction isolation technology
Driver and passenger seats equipped with seatbelts
Interior arc of safety
Automatic greasing system of SKF chains
Kingston valves to drain the water from the body
Two batteries
Hand brake

Order yours at Sherp.Ru (and let me have a go if you do, please)

Spotted on Le Container. G


capnsimo said...

It would be very funny if not tragic watching me old landrover defender trying to do that.....vroom glug glug now then what would it take.....big arches...big wheels.......big balls......big lungs......another day perhaps, maybe in my dreams....

Kirk said...

That there is a new life goal....

capnsimo said...

aahh yes for sure yet another one for the catalogue, if only I could start with getting the doors to stay in one piece and the water on the outside......