Saturday, 20 February 2016

Martin's B31 Cider Hauler

This came in from Martin.

So it's a BSA B31 1960, larger T140 piston, loads of mods, suicide shift, both brakes on the foot pedals, no battery, no lights. No primary chain cover, the push rod cover removed so you can see the push rod moving the valves! Great thing to ride, was built by a chap called Odgie Danann, who is a proper bloke. He built it using old scrap metal and with normal tools that we all have. 
I bought a few months back, it's the only thing not for sale in my life! I did my Christmas shopping on it and try to ride it as much as I can. I put the crate on because they only sell the cider I like by the gallon! Notice the sideburn sticker on tank and the cider transportation crate.
Martin L

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