Monday, 22 February 2016

The Track Was Leaking A Little

Jari from Finland sent us these evocative photos from what he described as the 'national ice road racing race. He says...

The race was held in Mäntsälä, 30 miles north of Helsinki. The track was leaking a little but that's normal. 
Jari Heikkilä 

All photos copyright: Jari Heikkilä 
Unusually, the massive percentage of riders wear full-face helmets. Except this fella, below.
Dirt track style.
The leaking track. I can only imagine how miserable the rider behind number 94 felt two seconds after this photos was taken.
I don't know the layout of the track, but it must have had a decent length straight to encourage a tuck like that.


Nick said...

Some great pictures

Kirk said...

Utter brilliant madness. Well done the Finns.....