Monday, 29 February 2016

Open Your Mind T-shirt

It's been a long while, by our standards, since we made a new T-shirt and we're back with a bang. Open Your Mind was designed by a UK artist making his Sideburn debut, Tom J Newell. The

Black T-shirt with SILVER screenprint front and rear.
Big print on the rear, small print on the chest.
Sideburn embroidered tag on sleeve.
Designed by British artist Tom J Newell
100% cotton.
Printed in the UK.

Size Small to XXL. Click photos to see size chart.

Every T-shirt comes with a free sticker. Get yours at the Sideburn shop.

We took the opportunity to ask Tom a few questions. Below is the self-portrait he supplied.

How old are you and where do you live? Tell us about the place and where you fit into it. 
I'm 36 years of age and I'm based in Sheffield. My drawing board and pens are in the attic at home and I produce artwork for a few local businesses, galleries and charities here in the city as well as sending stuff out to be used by bigger brands internationally. I get out of the studio from time to time to paint large scale murals and to play records at my weekly disc jockey set at the local pub.

What was the inspiration for the T-shirt's main artwork?
I suppose the character in the illustration has a sort of sight-beyond-sight with five eyes and a clear vision of where he/she wants to go, planning the journey from a doorway out of the mind and into the void beyond. - Regular clients that I continue to work for are Kraken Rum, Twisted Burger Company and TRiCKETT England. I've also recently drawn stuff for Classic Rock Magazine, Which? Magazine and Dr. Martens. I'm sponsored by Posca Pens and Pink Pig Sketchbooks who I promote by using their products... Products I used to buy before the sponsorship, so it works out well. 
Have motorbikes played much of a part in your life?
I don't own a motorbike, but I've always been inspired by biker culture. My old man had biker and Hell's Angels mates who I grew up around. They saw I was good at drawing from an early age and would have me painting on helmets and bits of their bikes for them. My mum had a Honda 90 that I used to go on that they would call the 'Honda Gold Beak'. I had various peddle 'n' pops and scooters as I grew up, but I cycle everywhere I need to go at the moment on my pushbike. 

What is your dream motorbike?
The one from Akira is probably faster, but it looks like a Sinclair C5 so maybe Ghost Rider's bike with the flaming wheels would be a nice dream ride. 

Do you have biking hero?
Captain America in Easy Rider.

We know you're a DJ, list your five current faves to play to a crowd.  
Sroeng Santi - 'Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng' (A Thai cover of Sabbath's 'Iron Man') 
Gaslamp Killer - 'Nissim'
René Costy - 'Scrabble'
Mongrels - 'Figurative Language'
Heart - 'Barracuda'

Finish this sentence, A motorcycle is a freedom machine, but... 
it is also a commonly used vehicle for delivering pizza directly to people who want pizza.

See more of Tom's work at Tom J

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