Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Rare Sporting Harleys on US eBay

I wouldn't have much use for it, but I still would love this alcohol-fuelled 1927 Harley JD hillclimber. It's up on US ebay with a starting price of just $9999. It's in Washington state.
This is the same model engine that Homer Knapp used in his race bike.
The same seller is also offering this rare 1953 Harley KR750 flat tracker.

Thanks to Martin H in Germany for the link. GI


Chris said...

dat patina!

tin-tinovici said...

Love that KR!

TC said...

that hillclimber is immense! I might have to have a little flutter on that. Been after a JD for a while.

Unknown said...

Strange, I have just realised that I have a Harley fetish.