Friday, 25 February 2011

Calling UK flat trackers

This in from Boastie.

Now you Flattrackers, When grass track Clubs to run on speedway tracks, I pester them to run a Flattrack Class thinking that every one wants more action and more riding and that be the way the sport will grow. Wreklin Grass track Club are doing just that and they are holding meeting at Stoke Speedway on March 13th, I put it on Short track UK website about three weeks ago and e mailed entry forms to the riders. The Club Secretary rang me to say that he has only 4 entries! when I told him that he would get at least 12 plus or more like 24 and now he was thinking of not running the class if he doesn't get any more entry's. I'm I wasting my time trying to push for more Flat Track?It's good Track and it's been long winter, do you guy's want to ride??? Please contact the Secretary Dave Crutching on 07836770548 and tell him you want to ride and your entry in the post.

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