Friday, 11 February 2011

Fundamentally Retrograde

'Fundamentally retrograde. Hillbillies with a goiter the size of a grapefruit on their necks who says "Yeah, we've seen progress, but we want to do it this way."' That's how Rupert Paul described Sideburn once. These words came back to me when I was doing a few bits and pieces on our project Enfield the other day.
We haven't made our plans public yet, but we know exactly what we want it to look like. There are a couple of details that need sorting in our heads, but not much. We were originally going to remove the fuel injection, fit a carb and strip the wiring to a bare minimum. The same Rupert Paul thought this was ridiculous. More power could be coaxed out of the motor if we kept the EFi and fitted a Dynojet Power Commander (now available for these injected Enfields). But with what we have planned for the chassis, we're not searching more power. And looking at the wiring loom... Well, just look at the photos. We crave simplicity. So big Mikuni and minimal wiring it is.
Fundamentally retrograde, yep, this time we are. GI
PS If you want to feel a bit ill, type 'goiter' into google images...


Dr-Ogo said...

The carbs look cool, the goiter I so foolishly Googled has ruined the steak tartar I was moments away from
tucking into!!

KrookStreetRacing said...

"Fortunately Professor Balls took refuge behind a case of inflatable goiters."

One of my favourite Peter Sellers quotes (Pink Panther).

Along with:

"I never heard of a game called poo. Fine game. And so, what is the object of it... to disperse these colored balls strategically around the table?"

From The Party.

Diplomate said...

Yip - ditch the tech - big 'n simple's fine. Fortunately RP already knows my thoughts on the subject. It needs to be fixeable roadside with a Leatherman for when you haven't got a full diagnostic kit in tow. V signs for trafficators and a bit of smoke off the back tyre for a brake light then you can ditch a chunk of the loom as planned. Less is still more !

McQmoto said...

I guess you've checked out the Enfield Vintage Flattrack news on Poppa Wheelie's blog? Fine shots of Shell Thuet's RE as well as the new 500/750 vintage class winner. All of which proves that the old birds can me made to go!

747 said...

Carbs are good.
goiters are bad, especially at supper time.

Josh said...

Minimal wiring of the RE is the way me thinks. We've been having a ton of issues with the electrics including a wiring that burnt to smithereens me with the fuses all intact.

Nick said...

Keep it lean, trash as much as you can

Anonymous said...

maybe an mx flatside could work well on there.
would have to be an early one thou. b4 all the electronics apperared on em.
you only need a rear relector for a daytime mot!.