Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rebel Motorcycles Ltd.

We have stocks of another cool hardback book for sale - Rebel Motorcycles Ltd. It has a lovely spot varnished cover, is a large format 30x21cm and includes photos of builders, bike, events and shows including: Shinya Kimura; Wes White; Cole Foster; A Bombers, Sweden; Moon eyes, Japan; Jimmy Shine; Hard 9 Choppers; El Diablo Run...
Here's the press release...

Following 'The Electroline Diaries -on the road with the Burbank Choppers', award winner Laurent Bagnard is back with a new book: 'Rebel Motorcycles Ltd'. 'He's put together in this book some of the unsung heroes and also some of the more well known movers and shakers of the modern day bike scene. Laurent's photos grab a glimpse of these builders and riders, not the richest, nor the most famous, but some of the most influential of today's breed, building with a nod to the past and fueled by punk rock' Verne Hammond, Burbank Choppers. 'He brings a new light on something that has had a bit of a dark side, and reputation since the first 1%er quote. He brings back the sex appeal, and danger that has been dorked out by biker build-off’s and billet for years.' Jake Cavaliere, Lords of Altamont.

‘Rebel Motorcycles Ltd’, by Laurent Bagnard.
Cast Iron productions, 144 pages, hardcover.
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