Monday, 14 February 2011

Stevie Gee Reminder

Hey SIDEBURN brothers,
Looking forward to meeting up on Thursday [17th Feb launch party in Hoxton] for beers and music. If you were to re-blog the show this week at all, feel free to use this new image that will be a limited edition screen-print that will be on sale at the event itself.

Happy valentines day by the way! I worked till the wee hours last night and consequently completely forgot till I sat down at my desk at work. But its all good, the wife's going to Pilates and I'm having sausage and mash with the kids. Married life. The height of romance. Life should be filled with romance anyway, one day a year is for pussies.

Best of the best chaps!

UPDATE: Sideburn's GI is playing records at this shindig. Surf, garage, French yeh-yeh, Chatham Blues and Estrus gunk punk.
We'll be selling the Stevie Gee designed 9 Lives T-shirt, so you can save on postage and spill a drink down it on the same night.

1 comment:

Mick P said...

G - you're doing a DJ set? Does Skooter Farm Dave know you're snaffling an armful of his singles?