Sunday, 13 February 2011

Let's hear it for the tiddlers

Hi Gary and Ben,
Like many a bike head I'm sat here busy browsing when I should be doing something more important, like work. Anyhow, have got briefly inspired after having taken yet another ramble through the Sideburn blog. What an excellent thing it is, really, chock full of great stuff. I came across some pictures of Drogo's VRX400 and want to throw my hat into the ring of supporters of the "small jap streetbike" corner.
So here's a pic of my Flat Track/Street Scrambler inspired little 250 which I knocked together a couple of years ago. It's based
on a Suzuki GN250 of all things, unlikely and oft unloved bikes make great bases for odd specials as you don't mind chopping a few bits off 'em. It looks kind of finished but there's still stuff to do to get rid of all that stuff around the headlight, but we're getting there.
It was built for bombing around London and it's bloody brilliant for it.
Keep up the brilliant work. All the best

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