Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Valentino on the Zaeta UPDATE!

Our good friend Paolo from Zaeta got in touch to say there's a video of Valentino Rossi riding the Zaeta on VR's own website. You've heard of Valentino, right? Yeah, you read the thing he wrote and Sideburn printed in issue 4. Yep, that's him skinny Italian fella. Likes yellow.
We can't embed the video so you'll have to go to, click history, then news. If anyone can work out how to embed it, please let us know. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Mighty Garrett B (special place in our hearts, etc, etc) told us it's on YouTube. I guess I could've looked there, but I thought Paolo told me it wasn't.

Also, Paolo has been designated one of the five Knights (back row, right) in the court of the queen for the poster of the 2011 Eicma Show in Milan. For Zaeta to be recognised by the most important motorcycle show in the world is amazing. Congratulations Paolo! G


Garrett302 said...

it's on youtube.

Garrett in CO

Jason said...

Hey guys long time- VR vid is great! Paolo, I dream of affording a bike-the queen thing, um little wierd. but still cool!
Awsome post.

450 is on the rack- sportster is an angry beast and nearly killed me. I love her.

ZAETA said...

Jason thanks...the queen is the best part of the picture believe me hahaha

Nick said...

Great video, what can I say about Vale that hasn't been already said, Queen looks "HOT'

ZAETA said...

Queen IS HOT

streetracker said...

I'm against religious war but to see Paolo among that Knights (Lucchinelli, Cereghini, Marchetti, DJ Ringo) is... reassuring!
Now, for Paolo here is the new challenge: to use a Ducati engine...

Alberto said...

...Zaeta + VR = Spettacolo!!

...Hey Bandidosto look at my blog!

thanks for your blog!!

Anonymous said...

is that his own yam dtx bike then?.