Sunday, 6 February 2011


This, believe it or not, is a brand new stadium built purely for speedway. It's in Poland. I'd like to see a race there. It looks impressive. Obviously it's no Eddie Wright Raceway, but it'll do. Apparently there are plans to put a full roof on it so there are no rain-offs. I found out about it at the Keep Turning Left blog. G


Memphis said...
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Memphis said...

Hi there, I live in Torun, Poland and yes, people here apparently love speedway and the local club established in 1962 (Unibax Torun, formerly Apator Torun). The stadium is called Motoarena and it's designed and built pureply for racing (there are some other shows to help it earn though, Rod Stewart is going to sing there in June ;) ). If you want to see a race check out this video: , it's a final race of a Grand Prix held there last year.

Sorry for deleting the last comment, wrong account.

Nick said...

Some money in the economy over there then, fantastic projects, good luck to them