Saturday, 19 February 2011


After Gary's lovely post on Sideburn 7 at the printer's, I thought I'd cough up this artefact from the building of the mag. As our regulars know, Sideburn is distilled out of the ether that covers a triangle with its points in Spalding (GI), Bristol (BP) and Rome (MP). Given that Sideburn work fits in around our day jobs, and that its words and pics bounce thousands of miles between us time and again, it's easy for things to get messy and we all have our ways of wrestling the greased Sideburn pig into its pen.

This is my incarnation of the flatplan and it marks a glorious moment just before #7 was finished, with only the merchandise page to be ticked off. About an hour later I was lying on the floor next to my desk at home in a pool of my own urine, surrounded by empty wine bottles and squashed pasta. Nothing to do with Sideburn, it's just a bad habit I've got into.

Anyway, here you go, a bit of Sideburn belly button fluff. MP


Diplomate said...

Very eloquent and affords us readers a little glimpse in to the creative world. You are obviouisly in need of therapy as the state you find yourself in post-production is clearly connected to the process and you are in denial. Just imagine how the horror would multiply if the three of you weren't seperated by that blessed triangle. MORE ENTHUSIASM !

Anonymous said...

urine and pasta!.
usually tommy sauce is my favourite!.

SonicSeb said...

5 pages on my XS ... waou !

Guy@GK said...

'Flatplan'? Proper pagination? Brings home to me, like a punch in the kidneys, what a genuine amateur I actually am.

YZ400BEN said...

I have to ask Seb-a hidden what??(Pg 28) That really is a Sideburn #7 teaser!
Best Sideburn ever?


Want a Redline Norton NOW (although tomorrow would do too..)
SB#7 lookin good guys !
Will you have some at the Ace Flattrack day next Sunday ?
Steve #59