Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 UK Short Track Dates

Some of these dates are still to be confirmed. Sideburn is planning to co-promote one race. If it comes off we'll add a few twists to make that one round even more exciting.
There are a couple of TBCs in there. There will also be at least one International race and perhaps one or two more non-championship rounds. Get along and see a race. As I understand it, the club race will run in the afternoon - so juniors, novices, short track and experts, then the Thunderbikes and GNC Short Track will follow on after. So about eight hours of racing to choose from.

Leicester Speedway Stadium, Sunday 1st April,
King's Lynn, Saturday 21st April
Coventry Brandon Stadium, TBC, Saturday 19th May,
Moto GP Silverstone, TBC, Saturday 16th June
Buxton Hi Edge Speedway, Sunday 22nd July
Scunthorpe Speedway Stadium, Sunday 19th August
Rye House Speedway, Sunday 16th September

For more details go to Short Track UK.

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