Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spirit Triumph 904 Dirt Twin

Finishing off a Triumph-heavy run of posts is an update of the latest Spirit of the Seventies build. It debuted at Rollerburn and went down well. Lovely looking thing with some very nice touches (like the undertray and bar end indicators). It has been sprinkled with a bit of Co-Built magic too, I think. Below is the sketch Kev makes to show the client before they start building.

The Spirit fellas are also posting stuff up on a new UK-based cafe racer/tracker/whateva blog/opinion site that's worth checking out, called The Bike Shed. G


Chris said...

one of my favourites from Rollerburn, inspired by the neat rear indicators in the frame ends too... may have to steal that idea :)

dael said...

Co-Built Magic indeed. The triple clamps are Co-Built, as are the exhausts and they fabricated the under seat tray that you mentioned!

User.One said...

Bar end indicators are where it's at.

When they work, ahem.

Anonymous said...

To clarify dgp;

Co-Build did indeed make the exhaust system (beautifully) and supplied the triple clamps (which we machined to fit), but that was as far as their involvement went. They certainly did not make the under seat tray - our fabricator Lee did, to my design.

Don't want to sound pedantic, but we put in over 300 man-hours on this build and we're extremely proud of it. It's great to collaborate with the Co-Built boys as they are good guys and very talented, but this is very much a Spirit bike.

Hope that helps. SOTS.

Oh, and thanks for the kindly words re. the indicators - and yes, they do work!!!

dael said...

I didn't mean to cause offence, it's a beautiful machine and I can image it takes a great deal of time and effort to coordinate such a build. Good to see these bikes being built in Britain. Italy (in particular) have been leading the way in recent years in terms of custom Triumphs.

Anonymous said...

None taken! We were merely keen to set the record straight.

Thanks for your kind words dgp, it's a thrill to be building bikes like this and a bigger thrill to ride them and realise you'd made something bloody special! Blighty needs more of these kind of machines out there, the Europeans have lead the way and, like you said, the Italians (especially the wonderful TPR) have built fabulous Triumph customs for a while, so it was important for us to be as original as possible, whilst delivering 'on brief'. We hope to do many more! Cheers, SOTS