Sunday, 4 December 2011

Stuff in stock

We have a few of the ladies vests, perfect for your next date at the gym, roller derby oval or under your leathers. As worn by the fearless Sideburners Roller Derby squad. Your son might want a Chelsea, Barcelona, Washington Redskins, Treviso (insert your favourite team) shirt for Christmas, but you can be sure your daughter/wife/sister/mum wants an official Sideburn Roller Derby replica kit.
(Photo: Jason Ruffell - I think)
We also have limited quantities of five different issues of the Canaduh's finest lame-ass biker zine. This thing sells so quickly we struggle to keep it in stock.

Get any of these items at the Sideburn shop.


Jeremy Melling said...

Best lame-ass writing anywhere.

747 said...

very fine

Kirk said...

Best thing is, my daughter was highly entertained by the Rollerburn posts and does indeed want a vest for Xmas. I'll be visiting the shop now.