Saturday, 10 December 2011

Milano Triumphs

The world's most drawn out EICMA show report continues to grind on in case there's someone in the world who hasn't seen all these bikes yet.

Above: Now, that's what I call a sportster, well it's for the sporting gentleman at least. This Bonnie from TPR of Milano has a rifle holder, for one's Purdey, and a rack on the back to gently strap one's pheasants to. Forget Astars and Dainese, it's tweed and brogues. Perhaps it should be called The Deerstalker. Tally ho!
TPR Testarossa hot rod.Lovely CR roundslides. They're on my want list. Pipe looks lairy. External fuel gauge. Seat looks deflated. I wonder how those oval lightening holes were made. Oval drill bit?This thing is mixing fashion influences and customising in a way that's winding up some people. Not me. I like it, but I'd knack that leather bag in a winter, so I'll stick to Kriega/Ortlieb/Kappa.Simple cockpit area. Elegant bar bends.
Another TPR bike and evidence why the Hinckley Bonnie crowd are so in love with the Milan crew.
Mr Martini Shorty. Love it. Also love the fact it had a Sideburn sticker on the side number board.
Magnoni Moto Scrambler. Mud's in.
A pair of Drags and Racing Bonnies, from Dino Romano. He built the Tangerine Dream Bonneville in Sideburn 3.
There are more EICMA photos, believe it or not. Click the EICMA label below to check them out. GI


User.One said...

Leather saddlebags and saddle in brown is an in. Tesco do waterproof luggage liners free with your shopping (5p in Wales). I like that bike.

KrookStreetRacing said...

I thought Purdeys came in pairs?