Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sideburn: 2011 Report

In the last 12 months Sideburn has:
  • Published three issues of the magazine. The first time we've done three in one year.
  • Helped bring David Aldana over to the UK to race and organised a night for him to tell stories.
  • Made four different free stickers to send out with orders (weatherproof Soul, Don't Limp, Zombie and Margo).
  • Had a great London street party at the Reilly Rocket.
  • Raced at every UK flat track race (either me or Ben, sometimes both of us).
  • Built a Royal Enfield project bike (with big thanks to Royal Enfield UK and CFM).
  • Made a few T-shirts, a scarf, patch, art print and a sweatshirt.
  • Signed up some new dealers (but we'd like more).
  • Given Dave Skooter Farm the official title of Entertainments Officer. His first big job was Rollerburn and it couldn't have been much better. Well done Dave.
  • Travelled to Italy to have a stand at the Motor Bike Expo, Verona. Back there in a few weeks.
  • Had a 7in record pressed.
  • Found out who our friends are.
  • Posted 763 blogs.
  • Commissioned three short films (Rooster, Rollerburn preview, Rollerburn: The Documentary).
  • Bought a few different books, zines, patches and accessories from around the world we really like to sell through the webshop.
  • Dipped a toe in Facebook.
  • Had a special edition Deus x Sideburn T-shirt made by Deus Ex Machina.
  • Met a bunch of great people and some exciting companies.
  • Worked with fantastic writers, photographers, artists and illustrators.

We know times are hard for some people, but if you like what we do, support it when you can (at the Sideburn shop). We're not a big business, we're a tiny kitchen table operation that likes to do things properly or not do them at all. We have day jobs and families and do this in our spare time. It's not easy, but not much worthwhile is. And we're not complaining.

Rough plans for 2012:
  • Make three more issues of Sideburn.
  • Have a stand at Motor Bike Expo, Verona
  • Have a party with Mr Martini and some of our Italian friends
  • Promote a race with Short Track UK.
  • Get the Royal Enfield wired up properly.
  • Have a stand at the Flat Track day at the Ace Cafe (Feb 26)
  • More racing.
  • More stickers, T-shirts and stuff.
  • Go to Finland.
  • Find more books and stuff we love to sell in the webshop.

Have fun in 2012 and keep us informed with what you're up to.
Thanks for all your support.
Gary, Ben, Mick and Dave


Nick said...

Well done to all of you, from my enclave in the West, your efforts put me to shame, got to get three projects finished, and look were I stand then!!

Dr-Ogo said...

A fine showing but please get on with project 'Dancing girls'...

Pete Stansfield said...

Thankyou for being there boys and for making the world that little bit more exciting.

originalracingsnake said...


I've been a fan of your writing for years, and YEARS. When you started up SB with Ben, I had to have it, even though its relevance to me was limited. Somehow that didn't matter. SB has brought me wonderful writing, inspiring photography, attitude, some of my favourite clothing and a chance to be someone I am not, three times a year.

You and the expanding team do an amazing job, you should be proud. Proud of yourselves, your family and friends that "allow" you do it, and of course, proud of the print.

I am. I am proud to be part of SB.

Cheers lads, and a very happy and successful New Year.


Hot Shoe said...

Thanks for everything you guys have done in 2011. Keep up the good work in 2012.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

A great 2011, speciellt the 3 issue thing! Remember the draft to issue 1 you showed me, Gary. Love the mag&blog! Finland? You mean Sweden, right?

Hope to meet you again 2012, bring Ben too!

Cheers, Marcus

Drakey72 said...

One big part of the UK flattrack scene I really will miss, keep up the good work fellas and keep it pinned on the track in 2012!

rustyli150 said...

Good work fella's

Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 to YOU Sideburners!

I have the short track dates so far on my calendar so I can, and will, come along and shout encouragement at you from the sidelines...I'll try and curtail the excited sweariness though, promise

User.One said...

It's been great so far. Keep at it chaps.
Much beardy love.

Steve said...

Thank You Sideburn Team and all that make it happen.All the best for this coming year.
Its the small things,there's nothing bigger.

Anders said...

"..that likes to do things properly or not do them at all." It shows!

ZAETA said...

thanks to SB team from Zaeta and all the best for 2012!!
Looking forward to meeting you in Verona