Sunday, 25 December 2011

Things I love about this photo

The huge bubble on Gary Nixon's Kawasaki.
The cigarette in Gary's oily fingers.
Miss New Hampshire's incredible Vivienne Westwood-esque tweed, plus Kawasaki green rollneck combo.
The tear-offs left on the helmet, pointing to the likelihood Nixon led most of the race.
Nixon's Bell helmet.
The disembodied hand handing over the bubbly.
The fella on the right's wonderful mix of pork pie hat, wraparounds and pink shirt with fierce collars.
Those trophies.
The fact three of the four people in shot are redheads.
The flowery wreath.
The glimpse of the Triumph tank.
The strange look on Gary's face. What is he thinking of? G

Photo found at Speed Junkies, but don't know where he found it.


loveless said...

is the kid sitting on miss new hampshires left shoulder?[or just some sort of 'mini-me'?], gary, they are not trophy's in mr nixon's hand, rather the experimental kawasaki front fork's, [hence the look on his face, they didn't work!] as for the vivienne westwood tweed surely more bay city roller's tartan, circa 1973?

ElSolitarioMC said...

Great disection!! HAHA!!! Oily times...
Merrt Xmas G!

shrew said...

Redheads? I think the politically correct term is "rangas" as in orangutan.

747 said...

I think the look on his face has something to do with the bubbly. it makes my head hurt as well.

Chris said...

Pork Pie Hat man appears to have two left hands on the bubbly, Beeblebrox style...

Noot said...

He's trying to figure out how to grab the bottle and not drop his smoke.

-|Giannis~SpeedJunkies|- said...

I dont ever remeber where i found it... i think i scaned it from an old American magazine..

effieweg said...

she's just told him he can't shag her.