Friday, 9 December 2011

We Love Animal Boat

Animal Boat don't make distinctions, they love all bikes. And they've been scrambling. We love Animal Boat. Read all about them in Sideburn 7. G


Hairy Larry said...

Interesting...When I was a kid I lived in Japan (late fifties), traveled with my dad in a '54 Ford Stationwagon. Most of what I saw (besides the bigger cities like Tokyo) looked like something out of Hiroshige paintings. Now it's become fifties/sixties California. Other than cops on bikes, I don't remember seeing any bikes...and certainly not 'Rockabilly' Model A Fords! Do remember seeing a Cadillac Dealership, but it was mostly micro Datsuns,Toyopets,and Mazda and miniature trucks running around.

tom said...

That El Camino (Ranchero?) with the two Honda's in back is probably the coolest set up I have ever seen! Those guys have style for miles... thanks!