Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Eightball and Hate

I have so much stuff in my office, I've lost track of what's in there. I was trying to squeeze some more magazines on my shelves, when I investigated one box and found a bunch of 22-year-old comics, including the first issue of Eightball and a full set of Pete Bagge's Hate. Sometimes I'm so glad I don't throw too much away. GI


Anders said...

Love Eightball! Daniel Clowes is a hero

tiptopdadddy said...

I got an original Headcoats poster on my wall and Like A Velvet Glove on my bedstand. I read all the Bagge comics as they came out, and Ralph Snart...great stuff!

dooley said...

that painted into a corner issue of hate was the pinnacle of pee-bag's comic career. misanthropy, misogyny, homophobia - and the cross hatching! if you were of a certain mind you could conceivably declare it a divine comedy for the slacker generation. probably.

Johnny_Alpha said...

Daniel Clowes is the boss!
Lets not forget his artwork fro las vegas grind vol 4 which was my introduction to this wonderfull sub-genre.