Monday, 5 December 2011

Triumph 'Factory' Flat Track team

Great news forwarded from Bill Gately of Bonneville Performance.

'The flat track phenom who raced his way to the 2011 AMA Pro Singles championship, Mikey Martin, is on his way to the Grand National circuit in 2012 as part of the Bonneville Performance Triumph factory team.

Martin starts his rookie season in the Expert Twins class as part of the team put together by Bill Gately, who has been racing and perfecting the big British bike for several years. “What drew us to Mikey is that he’s a talented, aggressive rider who’s also smart,” Gately said. “He only wants to ride in front, and that’s the kind of guy you're looking for. He’s already a champion. Plus, he has a great personality and knows how to present himself off the track as well as on.

Despite his youth, Martin has a long pedigree in racing – and connections to Triumph. His father was a racer and currently is an AMA flat track promoter. His grandfather was a Triumph dealer who sponsored a number of riders in the late 60s and early 70s.

“Joining the Bonneville Performance team and becoming the factory rider for Triumph is a huge honor, and the perfect fit for me,” said Martin. “Bill Gately has built an incredible machine. They've had their hand on every part of this bike and there’s nothing they haven't improved. Their level of commitment and dedication is impressive. I'm excited to be on the bike and
looking forward to a great season.”

Bonneville Performance launches the 2012 campaign as the factory team for Triumph. “Triumph is returning to its racing heritage,” Gately said. “Clearly the brand is committed again to racing and we're proud to be working closely with them.”

Photo: Poppa Wheelie


Sideburn Magazine said...

so Bill
do have full factory backing?
do you get supplied with bikes, parts & $?
will you be campaigning just one bike?
good luck in the new season.

Nick said...

'O' BRING IT ON, great news

Anonymous said...

how about a british "factory team" aswell then, there is enough of a uk scene now to warrant it!.

Stuman714 in Indy said...

I've heard just a pair of bikes for MM, with Shawn Baer being out for 2012. I made mention of it in this story from last month:

It would be great to see them work their way up to a two-man team!