Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Long-legged Dachshund - UPDATED

Someone from Germany left a comment on the blog and I traced it to his blog or flickr or something where I found this wonderful creature. Then I forgot the website. If it's yours, leave a comment and I'll update this post with it.

It's a Honda CB50 with Dax/CT70 wheels by T. Beeskow. Here are the details. Thanks Ralph


Unknown said...

Looks like a sweet little deathtrap. Usually, those are the most fun to ride. I'd happily ride that crazy, little monster around.

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Mike C said...

Looks like a cg125 with different wheels and tank/seat
Funky though

Mike C said...

CG 125 with smaller wheels and different tank/seat isnt it?

Dr-Ogo said...

Looks like 'Mini Me's ' ride in the yet to be thought of but surely to be made, Austin Powers- Easy Rider!

Chalopy said...

It's a Honda CB50 with Dax/CT70 wheels by T. Beeskow..

Read more about it at BonsaiNews :


and burritobros.blogspot.com

L8er, Ralph.

Thomas "Burrito Bros." said...

That's so amazing to see my little bike here at sideburn! Some details - I started the bike only with a frame found at a swapmeat. It is a CB50 from 1976, 50cc. The plan was to build a small tracker only with parts from friends, swapmeats, my garage or something else. NO warehouse catalog parts! The fork is from a CM185, the handlebar from Yamaha, the tank is from an old german moped named Rabeneik (ca. 1955), the carburetor is the Dellorto UA18, seat from a Monkey, taillight, light and 10' wheels from a ST50.

More photos at my Burritobros. Blog. Great and thx lot!