Thursday, 1 October 2015

2015 DTRA Champions

It's nearly the end of another great year of British flat track. Sideburn was a proud supporter of the DTRA.

The DTRA has its Johnny Lewis Presentation night coming up on October 10, King's Lynn. There might be room for spectators to come and watch the Johnny Lewis Q and A. Leave a comment or email us if you want to come. £5 entry.

Here are the end of season results and photos of the class champions (Photos: Ian Roxburgh/ DTRA)

Pro Class
1st Place: Aidan Collins #90
2nd Place: Oliver Brindley
3rd Place: Alan Birtwistle
4th Place: Adam Allott
5th Place: Tom Neave

Thunderbike Class
1st Place: George Pickering #38
2nd Place: Geoff Cain
3rd Place: Tom Clemans
4th Place: Guy Sutherland
5th Place: Ross Herrod

Restricted Class
1st Place: Ross Herrod #52R
2nd Place: Scott Faulkner
3rd Place: Gary Birtwistle
4th Place: Leah Tokelove
5th Place: Christophe Decombard

Vintage Class
1st Place: Guy Sutherland
2nd Place: Anthony Brown
3rd Place: Hubert Bastie
4th Place: Paul Harrison
5th Place: Milo Hiscox

Rookie Class
1st Place: Sean Kelly #33R
2nd Place: Andrew Smith
3rd Place: Phillip Gerrard
4th Place: Michael Herman
5th Place: Peter Jordon

MiniBike Class
1st Place: Leah Tokelove #37R
2nd Place: Adam Lovesey
3rd Place: Alfie Collett
4th Place: Adam Waller
5th Place: Martin Huning

Youth Senior Class
1st Place: Toby Hales #20
2nd Place: Skye Adams
3rd Place: Jordon Miller
4th Place: Connor Jackson
5th Place: Ben Neave

Youth Inter Class
1st Place: Joe Burden
2nd Place: George Hopper
3rd Place: Kier Armstrong
4th Place: Storm Stacy
5th Place: Jack Bell

Youth Junior Class
1st Place – Leon Collier

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