Thursday, 29 October 2015

BMW Kneeler

This silver ingot was one of the many nutty bikes at the Westonzoyland sprint I went to a few weeks back. Held on a former WWII airfield, organised by the NSA. A great event. Young lasses and very, very old blokes alike, beating the crap out of equally modern and ancient machinery. Unlike the roped-off Pendine sands vintage hot rod sprint, the laid back set up in Somerset allows for an eyebrow contorting sense of speed. And the pits are very much open so you are welcome to chat with the crazies who are daring enough to keep this sport alive. BP
This R100/7 (I think?) was designed as a hill-climber so the third wheel steers too, to enable quicker cornering on mountain circuits. A basic linkage runs over the chair.


Surly said...

Oh my God that is cool. I've always wanted to be the monkey on one of those. Of course these days I'd fall and break my paycheck. Thanks for posting that; made my day.

Unknown said...

How some of these bikes ever got on the road is beyond me! Haha! But kudos to the person who came up with the design for some of these! They are truly unique!