Friday, 9 October 2015

Sideburn's Poet vs Pikes Peak

Travis Newbold is our hero. And our poet. And he's racing in the support class at the US Superprestigio in Las Vegas, November 21.
Watch him race the Ronin to second overall at Pikes Peak (and crash while celebrating).

Read about Sideburn's in-person visit (by me, the editor) to Ronin HQ in Sideburn 19. While blogs all over the world trot out some vapid tosh (Brembo this, bhp that) without really checking the details, and many independent mags just print emails verbatim, we put the leg work and air miles in to do things properly (or as properly as a niche magazine with a decidedly un-mainstream cult following can). We don't bang our own drum very often, but if you've never bought Sideburn and are subconsciously judging it by the level of 'journalism' in some other motorcycle mags and blogs, then please don't. We're better. Miles better.
Drum-banging endeth. G


Anonymous said...

It's true. You are better. Permission granted to feel good & smug about it.
Keep up the good work

Frank said...

Sideburn is a fine place to discuss it all, and TN is a fine fellow; he's lent us the Motorbike Shop for our nuptials and reception the weekend before the Superprestigio. We're hoping to make a trip out to see it. Keep up the good work as we plot the overthrow of the established race sanctioning empire.