Friday, 30 October 2015

LA Triptych - Part 3 California Moto Culture

Our friends at Influx (the online (and occasionally on paper magazine of UK motor insurance specialists Adrian Flux), are creating some original, high quality content.
Ben and some of our friends turn up in this film that was shot in Perris, at an evening practice Deus Venice organised. It's one of three short films Influx harvested in California. All three start with dreadlocked, mid-Atlantic, Porsche collector, Magnus Walker, and he features in the second of the three films (but I've heard most of what he says in the film that was out a few years ago).
I also wrote about Bud Ekins and Cali-FOMO for their recent California-themed content ejaculation.
Go to Influx and have a snoop around. G

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