Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Deadvolt by Fuel Haus

This came in from Jeff Yarrington in Philadelphia. Looks like a Dirt Quake Inappropriate Road Bike contender.

I have recently started fresh in Philly, new life, new shop. I will keep this short, My first build out of the Fuel Haus I thought may be something you'd appreciate. a fun bike, that is fun to ride. And way over-powered. 

Have a look at the pictures and hopefully feel free to share in any way you like, blog, site, or simply social media. It all helps with new business and this being our first offering out after getting our space and things that go with it. 

The bike, "Deadvolt" started as a 1987 ZX750R. It now as you see is something much different. Frame, aluminum wheel discs, seat, rack, exhaust , etc etc all handmade here. 110 hp, 6-speed, 60-tooth rear sprocket, its big big fun on and off the street. currently on ebay

Jeff Yarrington and Atticus.


Anonymous said...
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slinky01 said...

I purchased this bike nearly 12 months ago. It had been imported some time earlier to Australia. Mods including front fender and multifunction speedo had been added, obviously just to pass Australian road laws, as the fender bracket height caused a rubbing on the radiator once suspension was under load, and the multifunction part of the speedo, hadnt been wired up.
There were many parts on the bike that really werent 'quite right', ie, kill switch didnt work, indiciator switch was excessively small, fidley and required precicion movement to turn off once on, headlight so dim was almost nonexistant on low beam, and not bright enough for highway speeds at night on high beam anywhere not already lit.
These matters and more have now been addressed, with some other creative refinements
The bike will have reemergence soon, with the newfound name of 'Deadvolt Rhetoric'