Monday, 5 October 2015

The Picturebooks

Recommended by Eat Dust, I looked into The Picturebooks. They're a German two-piece whose videos are very Dice, not a bad thing. I started playing the YouTube videos in the background, and began liking the music more and more. It's a bit Black Keys, but heavier. Turns out they played the Trip Out and went down well (but I was in India).
Anyway, they're on a big tour and one of the dates was Grimsby. Grimsby is 90-mins drive from me, but I knew a couple of friends up that way who'd go, and I thought A. Anyone who tours Europe and picks Grimsby needs supporting. B. Any venue who books a little known German band to play on a Sunday IN GRIMSBY needs supporting.
So I went, and they were fantastic. Two piece band: singer-guitarist, drummer-backing vocals. You've never seen a drumer work harder. And they're touring with the drummer's dad, who just happens to be Claus Grabke, 80s pro skateboarder (who also shoots the band's videos).
Go see them if they come near you. G


Jon Dyer said...

They are playing Norwich on Saturday night, about 50 mins from Kings Lynn - if we can persuade Johnnie Lewis of the benefits of high speed award distribution......
Or we could all go to Norfolk early and see Jim Jones' new band on Friday!

rustyli150 said...

They are on Riding Easy Records aren't they?
Riding easy sell Dirty Needle Embroidery patches (who I first heard about via SB)
The circle is unbroken.

Chris said...

Nothing as cool as suddenly deciding to go see a cool band... we noticed that Dengue Fever were playing in Bristol a couple of weeks back (LA/Cambodian pop, check 'em out) and all the pieces fell into place for a trip down