Monday, 19 October 2015

New Blueprints in Stock

We have just made Giclee prints of the Wood Rotax blueprint from Sideburn 22 and...
 The Yamaha TZ700 Miler from Sideburn 15.
We also have blueprints of...
Wood Norton (from Sideburn 13)
Bultaco Astro (from Sideburn 14)
Harley XR750 (from Sideburn 16)
Trackmaster BSA A70 (from Sideburn 17)

They are all high quality Giclee prints, 40 x 30cm, printed exclusively for Sideburn.
£22 plus post from

We also have the XR750 blueprint T-shirt for £18 plus post
And the Bultaco Astro on black T-shirt FOR FREE with the 8-issue subscription deal.

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-BaRoN- said...

my wall will be too small to fit em all...