Monday, 12 October 2015

Hells Race, Belgium

After competing at Dirt Quake III a trio of Belgians bought or built their own dirt trackers and entered the UK's DTRA series. Two or three of them were at every race but one (that clashed with their long-running chopper show back in their home country) and the end of season presentation.

Now they're organsing their own one-off event, the first ever flat track race in Belgium, we think.

It's called Hell's Race, it's at the Helzold Speedway track in Belgium (120 miles from Zeebrugge, 170 from Calais) and it happens June next year. Lots of camping near the track, practice Saturday, race Sunday.

This is not a Dirt Quake-type event, more like a DTRA race, but they have a class for complete novices, on street trackers, scrambler, whatever, and other classes very similar to those we run in the UK. Day licences will be available.

Sideburn will be there and we'll post up more details as we have them. G


Anthony Brown said...

I am super excited for this race. I know lots of our DTRA riders will attend. I hope that some of your european readers will come along and watch or race. See you all in Belgium in June!

-BaRoN- said...

Thanks for the support ! Stay tuned for more info. We are working on the details as we speak. Website will be up and running pretty soon. You can already check IG and FB for Hellsrace.
Hope to see you all in June !

Bubble Visor said...

Dope! :)
I will be there!

#118 Ronald said...

Being where it is and given the date so well in advanced its going to be big . . . errh no massive with riders from all over Europe.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for this , it's going to be a lot of fun... Traveling and racing with great friends you can't beat that !