Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Seeds in sitcom land

As if The Seeds weren't weird enough, here they are appearing as The Warts in American sitcom, The Mothers-In-Law, in an episode first broadcast in April 1968. Sky Saxon in your living room? Pass the microdots. Such misplaced rampant psychedelia reminds me of the first time I tackled magic mushrooms, eating as I picked straight from the field. Thinking they'd had no effect, I went home for my tea with mum and dad. It was only when the newsreader's tie started strobing and the orange flowers on the wallpaper began streaming up and down in rows that I realised it was going to be a trying time around the table. I struggled to make any sense at all of chops and mash. MP


LC8awesomeness said...

Ha Ha...Similar experience with first microdot...thought: it's friggin tiny, can't be all that..cue melting walls, street light lasers from rain covered specs etc. Post rush hour drive through the Blackwall tunnel 5 hours later had me pulling over for a fag as the reverbed tone of my open piped XT550 had me swooning. Top drawer!

Tom said...

After eating them in a field in the middle of nowhere in Sussex we were heading home and stood at a bus stop thinking we were pushing the boundaries of life with our wild ways when the 70 year old bloke with a walking stick pipes up you on those magic mushrooms boys?" We were all dumbstruck and he went on to tell us they would pick them when on leave from the navy and go wild!

3starr said...

Great tune, one of my Nugget compilations has that as the lead track.. never heard any other ones by them but I think I may delve a bit when I get time. I too had the shroomboom... Was 13, got back to my folks after what I thought was a gentle 2 hour buzz to them watching Cujo. It then kicked in and a laughed all the way through. Nothing was said about that until I was in my 30's.