Friday, 2 October 2015

Sideburn 21 - Kriega Cover and so much more

We're offering very limited supplies of SB21 with the special cover we printed for Kriega. Kriega sent this magazine to buyers of their new Sling and Urban bags.

To be clear, this SB21 Kriega magazine is identical to the regular Sideburn 21 EXCEPT for the cover, that was shot by the world famous Vogue photographer David Sims. That means it's for collectors and completists only. Don't buy it looking for content different to the regular SB21.

Read about David Sims here. Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Calvin Klein, Sideburn...
We have also a new 3 issue back issue bundle offer to clear a bit of shelf space.
Issue 11, 14 and 16 for £9 plus post.
This is in addition to the 4 back issue bundle (7, 8, 9, 10) we have.
And another for the collectors, a Sideburn Programme bundle of all our A5-sized event programmes for four of our biggest events so far. Relive the joy and triumphs, the gathering of motorcycle tribes, the dodgy on-track catering, the motorised pie, all from the comfort of your treehouse and all for just £2.50 plus post.
On Monday the law is changing in the UK (then probably everywhere else) that sees supermarkets charging 5p for every plastic bag. You're going to need bags! So get this Dirt Quake IV tote bag, complete with the Sideburn gaffer tape font by Ben Part, for just £3.50 (plus post).
It's not quite a Kriega bag, but it'll carry your bananas, quinoa, Mellow Birds and copy of OK! home from Asda in style.
We have a few black DQIII totes too.

Finally, for now, we have Union Magazine, made by a friend of mine, the photographer James Cheadle. It's great, big heavy thing, full of brilliant true stories about exorcists, spies turned religious kooks, bike gangs, drug dealers, Sikh martial artists.
£8 plus post.

Get them all, and much more, from
Remember, every order gets a free Sideburn sticker. Whoop! G

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