Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ed's XR

Woah, this is something else (we agree with Ed's daughter though...) G

Hey Gary-
Here you of the XR that I am building. I think it's been four years. Thankful that I have something else to ride!

Engine is one of the NOS XR1000's that still surface every once in a while. It's got Phil Darcy heads, Branch manifolds, Axtell .500 lift cams, Cosworth pistons, and cylinders that are made from two sets of XR750 ones sawed up, stacked & sleeved for the extra stroke.

Frame is an NOS Terry Knight job with big Ceriani forks, and Sandy Kosman's wheels and adjustable triple clamps. Fuel tank is a one-off sort of Sportser/XR marriage that Fred at Race-tec built to my specs. Oil tank is the bane of my existence right
now, but I think I will get through it.

What else? Daughter recently came home from college and her comments about the taillight have me feeling kinda self-conscious. Street tires for inspection purposes, cool ISR levers, Oberon mirror, Alloy Art headlight. Exhaust is held on with string, but as soon as I get some more bends from Burn's Stainless, I will cut it apart and make adjustments for my tall cylinders.

Can't wait to see Sideburn #8
Best, Ed

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Nick said...

Yes have to agree about the light, interesting oil tank, apart from that, STONKING WANT WANT