Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Happy Customer

Hi Gary and Ben,
When I got home today Sideburn 8 was in my mailbox. I knew it was in there as soon as I opened the box, because that fine ink smell - I love that smell - wafted out and up under the chinbar of my helmet. Ahh...
You don't need me to tell you how truly excellent Sideburn always is, there are much more accomplished folks than me who can attest...but I will, anyway. I love the sensibility, taste, focus, selection, and presentation you guys bring together. There's absolutely nothing in it that doesn't fit my eye. An engineer co-worker told me once long ago that he went to church because "sometimes it's nice to hang around people that think like you do." I sympathetically resonate with each Sideburn issue for the same reason. And it looks like there are believers scattered far and wide: Blitz bikes, Mule, Nixon, Coolbeth...Ralph White, for Christ's sake, DIY DT, and damned if Dann'ys Cub doesn't look like it's as light as a feather...great stuff.
I told myself I wouldn't fawn this time, that it's just a squeak of appreciation lost amid the general roar... I couldn't help it. Damn, you fellows do a nice job.
Thanks so much,

1 comment: said...

agreed, been reading mine over the last few days, excellent as always. Just dam hard to figure out where to stick the sticker.