Friday, 5 August 2011

Frisky - Amman Valley Report 5)

(sorry this one slipped through the net & should have been posted ages ago) - Happy days eh?! well the honeymoon night might be fun but I foresee high maintenance costs.
Drogo is an opportunist like the man in the photo - except he's built from pipe-cleaners:And although he mail-ordered the bride above, the one that turned up was more like this:This is of course all elaborate simile.
Drogo just needed to borrow a bike to race - his first ever, at Amman Valley. I would have liked to see him ride his pretty XS650 street tracker in anger, but understandably he didn't want to see it mullered in battle having just finished off so tidily.
Steve Red Max' supermotard converted Vertemati was available and delivered forthwith (in a torrential downpour). Saturday was rained-off and all the races squeezed into the Sunday schedule. So luckily the wet suit wasn't needed.With a conveniently placed camper van to jump off, it started without to much agro.More frisky than either of the afore mentioned two creatures, he was certainly giving himself a challenge. She didn't like sun bathing in the pits waiting to go out on track either, and overheated a little (nothing that a shot of vodka in the radiator couldn't sort out), but she did perform - and so did he. A valiant 5th (out of 9) in the novice class - and beat the dastardly Jamie. BPphoto Steven Baldock


747 said...

Yall are so rad.

Nick said...

Different take on a shotgun marriage !!