Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Long Awaited Female Boss

- as in pinion that accepts 1/2" male protuberance from hand-held starter, specifically for Rotax. BP

Designed to take that little bit of worry out of the queue for your next heat.
Jan at Dutch Brothers sent Co-Built some drawings for a Rotax remote crank starter he had designed and made.
It fits in place of the pulley bolt on the RHS of the Rotax engine.
Our good mate Wilky asked us if we could sort one for his rotax, so we had a few made. They have turned out real nice.

Stainless Steel crank nut with a 1/2 inch socket drive spark erroded to a nice depth.(stainless so it wont rust when you wash the bike and then ruin the oil seal).
Standard replaceable oil seal.
Nicely CNC machined oil seal housing.

To fit you can spot through the engine casing and rivet or screw the oil seal casing to the lower timing case of your motor. Or if you want we are offering an exchange casing service with one we have machined using a jig we have made!

Kit £100 (you drill and mount)
Kit and casing exchange £150 (just bolt on and away you go)

Very limited numbers!
Anthony CoBuilt


Anonymous said...

there is something so cool about starting a bike this way aswell!!.

wilksville said...

Realy hope Gary meant LHS of engine.......or I'm screwed :-}

wilksville said...

I mean Ben...... sorry Gary

Sideburn Magazine said...

Ha! It was neither of us. That was Co-Built's own explanation. But yes, it is Left hand side. We knew what they meant, right? G