Thursday, 18 August 2011

Greased-Up Eye Kandy

Just stocked up with the 208-page, hardback book Kustom Kamera and it reminded me to have another flick through. What a great book, each chapter is a different photographer. The mix is cars, bikes and pin-ups (some of it v. raunchy). There are plenty of names you'll recognise, on both sides of the camera, if you're a reader of bike blogs.

Three of the 12 photographers included have kindly worked with Sideburn: Adam Wright, Nick Clements and Laurent Bagnard. In addition, there is Viva Van Story, Dirk Behlau, Shannon Brooke, Richard Fahey, Richard Heeps, Chas Ray Krider, April May, David Perry and Roy Varga.
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bobx said...

that book is rad.