Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hagerstown Half-Mile

I found these AMA Pro Racing shots lurking on my lap top. They're from July's Hagerstown Half-mile. I thought they were worth sharing. Kenny Coolbeth - shot by Adam Wright for Sideburn 8 - won from Johnny Lewis and Jared Mees.
Matt Weidman battles with Kawasaki's Shaun Russell.
Bryan Smith.
10 Johnny Lewis continued his great season with a second.
Jake Johnson was fourth.
Jethro Halbert beat his brother Sammy for the first time this season. Fifth in the main.
Jimmy Wood, another rider to choose Kawasaki.
Chris Carr, 4, out in front in a heat. There are only a few races left of his Farewell Season.
Sammy had an uncharacteristically bad weekend 14th in the main. He leads the GNC race as we write this.
Brad Baker's Lloyd Brothers Ducati didn't make the main this time. Five Kawasakis and Shawn Baer's Bonneville Performance Triumph did though.

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Anonymous said...

wow, how polished does that track look!!?.