Friday, 5 August 2011

Gary Nixon RIP

Two-time AMA Grand National Champion Gary Nixon died today at a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The man simply known as 'Nixon' was 70 years old.
Nixon took ill while spectating at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca and was admitted to hospital after returning to his home in Maryland. He suffered a heart attack on July 29 and died from complications from that heart attack. He had been in ICU at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Baltimore after undergoing surgery to place two stents in his arteries.
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All time classic photo by Dan Mahony


stevegayton said...

Very sad news, Gary was one of the good guys who made you feel like he had known you all his life even if you were just a guy buying a t-shirt from him. He will be greatly missed

Nick said...

Very Sad, it was a real pleasure to meet him at Beezumph last year, he had such a broad accent it was difficult to understand him at first, after a few minutes it became easier, such great stories, and very funny, They broke the mould when he was born, hard as nails and great fun, RIP GARY

Steve said...

very sad way to go,a true legend.I was given a Nixon shirt a few years back..gonna wear it t'moro and make sure people ask who he was,and I'll tell them he raced motorcycles with no brakes.

Nick said...

Just one fact to dwell on, Gary is the only racer to win AMA or what became the AMA races in five decades starting in the 60s and still winning in the 00's on Mark McGrews Honda (M3) I belivee

McQmoto said...

A real shame. I had a weird feeling when I saw the earlier post about him having a heart attack that he may be on his last lap approaching the final flag. Like Nick, I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to meet him and chat at Beezumph last year. I'm grateful to everyone who works hard to get such legends over here, I'd love to meet more of em before there gone.