Friday, 12 August 2011

Gary Nixon Tribute 1

From our friends at Metro...

On August 21, 2011, Don and Peg Miller hope to see the entire AMA Pro Racing Flat track field in Gary Nixon Enterprises jerseys to pay tribute to the great Gary Nixon who passed away on August 5th. Don and Peg have been supplying Gary with his trademark red, white and blue logo emblazoned on a wide variety of items for close to 20 years. They are truly saddened by the passing of not only a great racer, but a very close personal friend. So to honor Gary Nixon, they are offering to supply a free Nixon jersey to all of the racers participating in the Peoria TT. Through the approval of AMA Pro Racing, all jerseys will have the required AMA Pro Racing and Harley Davidson Insurance logos along with the riders name and number on the back. All jerseys will be shipped to racing legend and close friend of Nixon's, Jay Springsteen, and can be picked up at his pit area in Peoria.

Look back in the history books, you will find out more information on Gary Nixon than one could only imagine. There is a reason for that. Gary Nixon truly was one of the greatest motorcycle racers that ever lived. He was as big as it could get on and off the track. Through his endeavors, Gary Nixon Enterprises rose up and became a staple in the motorcycle industry. Along with the business came a logo that would become highly recognized through the racing world. The "Nixon Flag" was worn by most everyone that was into the sport at one time or another. It even became world famous when Barry Sheene stated that he wouldn't race without one on. Through the years, Gary's love for racing would not let him be away from the track no matter what his position: racer, friend, advisor or team owner. it didn't matter, the track was where he had to be.

Seeing a field of Nixon jerseys at the Peoria TT would show the world how much the flat track community cares about their heritage.

Call toll free 877-746-3876 or email information to

I dug mine out to race at Rhyl (above). That's Vlad, my excellent mechanic for the night grinning next to me. G

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Steve said...

Top man G ,great way to keep his name alive.The pisser though mine is a bit tight on me these days.